Dentist & Orthodontist

This is the specialty which deals with surgical management of diseases,injuries & defects of the hard & soft tissuesof the mouth,jaws and face.It includes following treatments:

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1.Replacement of missing tooth by Dental Implantation

It is an advanced treatment for replacing the lost tooth where a ‘Titanium’implants is inserted in the jaw bone & then the naturally looking ceramic tooth is fixed over the implant.It looks like natural tooth & gives feel of natural tooth.

2.Surgical removal of wisdom tooth:

Wisdom teeth are the upper and lower third molars,located at the very back of the mouth.Whenever they Give problems like pain ,swelling or reduced mouth opening they need to be removed surgically.

3.Repair of Jaw bone fractures

Fractures of the jaw bones usually result from fall or road traffic accident or assult.once diagnosed can be repaired with minimally invasive technique using titanium mini plates.

4.Cleft lip & palate surgery

It is a birth defect where we see a split in the upper lip & the palate.It can be corrected completely with reconstructive surgery.

5.Correction of Long or short jaws

6.Treatment of Swelling of the mouth,jaws or face(Cyst/Tumour/Infection)

7.Treatment of Reduced mouth opening.