Internal Medicine & Critical Surgery

It is sterile environment with state of the art equipments.There is a mobile remote controlled operating patients bed.The equipment which monitors the homodynamic of the patient has an LCD display with slave monitoring at the oppositeend.The air conditioning is laminar flow with HEPA filter.Separate Medical & Surgical Emergency Care Facilities

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Twelve bed CTVS ICU with a nurse patient ratio of 1:1 Each bed has independent wall outlets for 02,air and Vacuum and independent monitoring facitilies comparable to any other centre in central India.All the staff in both ICU
And operation Theatre have vast experience in both peri operative and post operative Cardiac Care.
The department for Pulmonary Medicine started in 2002 undertakes the prevention,early detection,diagnosis,and treatment of pulmonary diseses in children,adolescents,and Adults.The department includes specialized treatment of specific diseases such as asthma,chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases,sleep-disorder,lung diseases,occupational lung diseases,and tuberculosis.The Department renders facility for investigation and management of all sorts of infective and non-infective pulmonary diseases.

The department of pulmonary Medicine provides specialty treatment for the above said diseases through:
• Spirometry(RV/TLC and DLCO(Diffusion))
• Broncoscopy
• Sleep study
• Surgical thoroscopy
• All kind of Thoracic Surgery
-Lobar/Segmental Resection
• CT Guided Biopsy /FINAC
• Treatment for all Respiratory disorders like TB/COAD/Bronchial Asthma-Naso bronchial Asthma
• Ventilatory Care
• Well trained Physiotherapy Department