Oncology & Onco surgery

Expert team of Onco-surgeons with well equipped OT for
Performing all major and supra-major surgeries.
-Laparoscopic Radical Abdominal Surgeries(Lap Colorectal/Lap Werthiems Hysterectomy)
-Breast Preservation Surgery

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Breast Recunstructive Surgery(LD Flap)
-Voice Preservation Surgery(Hemi/Vertical Laryngectomies)
-Tongue Reconstructive Surgeries(Radial Forearm Flap)
-Micro-Vascular Thoracic/Gastrointestinal/Gynecological/Urological/Endocrine Cancer Surgeries.
-Highly Sophisticated Operating MicroScope OM-304 TAGAKI for Micro-vascular Surgical Procedures.
Onco Surgery
-Upper GI Endoscope and Bronchoscope for Diagnostic & Therapeutic Managements of
-State-of-the-art ICU equipped with Drager Ventilator,Datex & Othmeda monitoring equipment
-Dedicated & experienced ICU Staff
Medical Oncology
-Dedicated team of consultants & Paramedical staff
-Chemotherapy administered as per international protocol and NCCN guidelines
-Dedicated Medical Oncology Ward
-Isolation Ward and ICU for Critical care