-Phacoemulsification under topical anesthesia which is the most advanced procedure for cataractsurgery in world till date.This is a no injection ,No sutures,No bandage plus no admission

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Surgery.patient have been driving back home themselves in half an hour after surgery.Its that comfortable and safe.
-LASIK: We have facilities for Femto Lasik surgery for removal of spectacle no.s.Its just a 5 min. procedure.Both eyes can be done on the same sitting.Its very safe and with assured results
-Complete Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment facilities are available at CHL hospital Indore now.
-We have facilities for Keratoplasty(cornea Transplant) for patients with corneal opacity due to acid or lime burns,trauma,post corneal ulcers,pseudophakic bulloucs keratopathy as a complication of aprevious cataract surgery.
Occuloplasty,Retina,Paediatric ophthalmology,squint,and many more..all
Eye problem cases can be managed at CHL hospital Indore now.