The physical Therapy department providesOutdoor patient services of pain relief,Mobilisation,Strength training,Endurance training,Balance training,Gait training,Ergonomic advice,Health Promotion & Fitness
Training,Weight Reduction programme in the following areas

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1.Degenerative conditions:Osteoarthritis Joints,Lumbar & Cervical Spondylosis.
2.Traumatic conditions-Post fracture,Post arthroscopic surgeries,sports injuries Cummulative traumatic Injuries,Hand injuries.
3.Adult & Paediatric Neurological Conditions-Hemiplegia,parkinsonism,Cerebellar Ataxia,Cerebral Palsy,Muscular dystrophy,Downs Syndrome
4.Health Promotion & Fitness training-Weight Reduction Programmes,Fitness training programmes.
Physical therapy services are provided for indoor patients in wards and intensive care units with the aim of prevention of respiratory  & immobilization complications,outdoor patient pulmonary Care & Pulmonary Rehabilitation & Cardiac Rehabilitation services  are also provided