Radiology Center

Linear Accelerator(Unique performance)
-First Hi-Tech Rapid Arc Center in MP
-Capable ofdelivering 2D,3D CRT and advanced treatments like Large FieldIntensity Modulated Radiation Therapy & Rapid ArcTM

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-120 Millenium Mulitileaf Collimator for shaping irregular targets
-Latest and Advanced portal Imaging Device(as-1000)with Exact Arm & IAS# Module for
t wo dimensional image guidance
-IGRTT able Top
Eclipse 10 3D TPS with highly sophisticated features
-Latest in the series of treatment Planning Systems
-CT Scan based imaging and planning
-Definition & Contour display of targets & organs at risk of planning CT image.
-computerized AAA model based 3D dose calculation,plan evaluation & review
-ARIA 10 network platform equipped with EMRs.
-DRRs generation for Image Verification
Computed Tomography-Simulator
-Laser for accurate and precise positioning & simulation
-64 slice CT Scan simulator
-CF-AIO flat base plate
-Immobolization and positioning devices including Orfit Moulds,Vaclocks,Head Rest & Knee Locks,etc.

Department equipped with X-ray’s 500MA/100MA/300MA/60MA-Mobile Unit,Mammography Machine(Bannet 100KHZ),Digital X-Ray with Kodak Camera,Vivid 7,Valuson Ultrasound,CT Scan,MRI 1.5 Tessla. Full time consultant,trained technician & supportive staff.